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Idaho Micro Mini Sheepadoodles is a celebrated dog breeder based in Jerome, ID. We have been breeding

dogs since 1996, with a focus on making the transition of dogs as easy as possible from their loving home to the

homes of individuals and families. We strive to breed the best dogs we can; educate the new owners on the best

care and maintenance of their pets, and ensure these precious creatures receive the love, care, and attention they 



Both Ultrasounds are compete and we are beyond excited to announce the Waitlist is now OPEN!!!

The first 8 will be filled and there is an additional 10 open slots. 

Please contact us for deposit information 



Current Waitlist:


#1 Gary in WA

#2 Cindy in ID

#3 Stellamaris in CA

#4 Sarah in ID

#5 Susan in ID

#6 Laurene in NJ


#1 Christine in PA

#2 Sue in CA

#3 Larry & Kathy in WA

#4 Julie in NE

#5 Bryce in MT

Puppies are due Oct 20th and 25th.and will be ready for their new homes Mid December. 

We expected mature size will be approximately 15-25 pounds, and come with a Vet health check and 1st shots. 

A 1 year health guarantee against hereditary genetic conditions, with an additional 1 year guarantee if 

Life's Abundance, a holistic, fully nutritional, Veterinarian formulated food is fed.

MISSION STATEMENT: Idaho Micro Mini Sheepadoodles creates virtually non-shedding and hypoallergenic puppies. 

We have the philosophy that honesty and integrity are always our priority!

COMPANY DESCRIPTION: Idaho Micro Mini Sheepadoodles solves the problems for families and individuals with

allergies and sinus issues caused by their dogs so that they can enjoy their pets as much as we do.

For years, people have put up with sneezing, experiencing allergies and sinus issues caused by shedding of the dogs hair. But, over the years a variety of breeds of dogs have been developed to help lessen the allergic reactions to dogs. It works because people find that these new breeds of dogs are cute, smaller, and do not shed, 

and their allergies have dissipated or disappeared completely.

What Idaho Micro Mini Sheepadoodles has done is develop smaller virtually non-shedding and hypoallergenic puppies that are cute and adorable, with the right size and highly sought after Black & White color markings. 


All About Us

Our F1b Sheepadoodles are obedient, friendly and loving with an appearance that will melt your heart!

They are smart, very easy to train and kid friendly; making them a perfect family dog.

Being hypo-allergenic and virtually non-shedding is a huge bonus. 

We have taken great consideration choosing a stud, to get their adorable sheepadoodle markings & highly sought after size with Black & White coloring!

Because of our love of smaller dogs and the need to find a breed that would not exacerbate allergies and sinus issues, we began to research dog breeds that fill the need for 1) breed of dog that would fit well into your family, 2) fulfill the need of fewer or no allergies and sinus issues, and 3) allow you to have a small house dog. After much research, we found these adorable sheepdog-looking puppies that have the advantage of being virtually non-shedding and hypoallergenic. Once we found such a dog, we felt the intense desire to help others with the same issues to have the ability to own the same type of dog. Thus, micro-mini Sheepadoodles became our life focus, and Idaho Micro Mini Sheepadoodles was born. Breeding to achieve a Micro-Mini Sheepadoodle rather than the standard Mini Sheepadoodle. We believe we will be successful because so many people, particularly children, experience a host of allergies and sinus issues that disallow them from having dogs for pets. Contact us to find out more.